Nortotron: Sound Designer.

Nortotron has been manipulating frequencies for over 20 years. You can listen to my art on our label: fromatod, a source of unique boutique electronica. If you like Warp and Planet MU the you might like to take a listen.

We currently have three albums.

  1. From A to D: Drums, Bass, Dub, A concept Album.
  2. Mostly Water: Introspective electronic rhythms and melodic shenanigans. Haunting vocal textures.
  3. TNO: An epic journey of ambient, Vangelis inspired filmic moments, and contemporary processed rhythms.
Ferocious Mullet
Ferocious Mullet

I am a big fan of the Kyma sound design platform. A unique combination of hardware and software which provides serious sound creation and manipulation tools like no other, used by many of my heros including Ben Burtt sound design guru of ‘Starwars’ & ‘Walle’. I am a big fan of tactile interaction. The computer mouse is a poor musical conduit.

The Pacarana Sound Design Engine.
Long Live Kyma

I have put a whole heap of my Software Tutorial videos on a Youtube Channel.

Perhaps you might find them useful. There are videos for NI Massive, Kontakt & Reaktor. There are one or two for MaxMSP~ as well! The Reaktor Tutorials centre around the Classic Modular Macro set, and are aimed at noobs.

Here is a slice of some recent work; keeping the sync skills sharp, consists of about 40 tracks of audio, the speech treatment worked out nicely as does the end eruption. Mostly bespoke audio! (a few ambiences and clanking noises aside.) Synthesis is provided by the Analogue Systems RS8000 Integrator Modular Synthesiser processed on the Kyma.

Thanks go to Gareth for the script edit! [email protected] is the talent behind the visuals.

Alien Engine Bot from Blueqube on Vimeo.


Merge was created on the Kyma, re-synthesis of a Mac Voice Synth. All on a timeline with lots of processing.

More Kyma strangeness.