The Mocha

So…   You like a Coffee?

Good, so you like hot chocolate?

Ok then: why not merge the two together?

It is essentially alchemy, you need to add the chocolate powder to the hot espresso shot, blend it together, then add the frothy milk.

Pure awesome in a cup.

Let me be specific, if you add the shot to the top of a hot chocolate, this is not quite the same thing, there is no chance for the coca and the coffee to react when the shot is hot. You just have a hot chocolate with a shot. I have seen people order this specifically, rather than a Mocha, so if this is what floats your boat, all good, but let us call it what it is.

The name ‘Mocaccino’ comes from the Red Sea coastal town of Mocha, Yemen. They produce a coffee entitled ‘Mocha’ which does indeed have a chocolate type flavour. This does make for a smooth experience.

Make Busy.

Make sure it is a simple chocolate: coca, sugar and a little bit of salt. Anything else tends to make it taste odd. I have found that Sainsburys  SainChocor Tesco plain bog-standard drinking chocolate (just add milk style) powder to function splendidly. One the best drinking chocolates  is the Swiss style from Twinings, (rebranded swiss hot chocolate), but unfortunately this makes a terrible Mocha, this ruins the coffee flavour completely.  Obviously the choice of coffee beans makes a big difference, some work better than others. I find a  quality espresso dark roast to be splendid. Semi-Skimmed milk works well.

Out in the field.

Here is a fine example of a cup from my local coffee shop ‘Munsons’