Korg Volca Sample

I do like my Korg Volca Sample.

A drum machine with 10 tracks, filters and reverb! It is surprisingly well featured and fun to use. You can modulate the start and end point looping which was historically a rare thing to find on a hardware sampler. Despite being cheap (£120), and a control interface for ants, (I do prefer music technology with a less compact interface) you can get plenty out of it. I sometimes take it in the car with me, plug it into the hifi, and bust out some beats whilst I wait for the kids to finish school.  It has reasonable battery life, but do remember to turn it off. I should just get a power supply.  You can beam samples into it from a phone or app. Korg very sensibly have released the SDK so people can make their own apps.  I use the iOS app, but I am sure there will be lots of solutions to suit your own needs.  I also found Caustic Editor for Korg Volca Sample

Korg Volca Sample
Small but perfectly formed.

Here is a fairly meandering video involving the Korg Volca Sample, Sherman FilterBank 2, with a little accompaniment from VP9000 and K2600.  Some effects to add space from Eventide and Soundtoys.


I moved production from Protools HD to Ableton Live purely so I could harness some MIDI control on the effects sends. I was initially impressed with Live, I replicated my setup well, sync, live input, processing etc, but then realised that Live does not have send mutes. Being able to instantly mute the send to the delay allows for nice dub style bursts of echo, but was stuck to using a pot. This obviously has a different enveloped inflection on the the send shape, There are few ways this could be circumvented, Gareth suggested I could build a Reaktor FX patch on a send patch in Protools and attach what ever MIDI control to it.  Or Avid could just capitulate on their frustrating commitment to pimping their own surface control. Baby HUI is simply not enough, I want to be able to define arbitrary relationships between controls if I want to!!

Vivid Tracker

I also found this dude, who uses his iPad app Vivid Tracker to send samples and sequences to the Volca Sample.