Tutorial patches for MSP~

These patches are designed to teach you a few of the basic objects, key commands and connectivity issues for sampling and synthesis. Well, they are not actually patches, but pictures of the architecture with explanations and the key commands to get the objects. Copy the structure including a few comment boxes. This will help get you going. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to use the contact form!

The Synthesis Tutorial.

Covers MIDI notes and CC, envelopes and other basics.


Sampler looping

and use of the info~ This patch uses a calculation to compare the expected musical length of a loop at a given tempo, and compares to to the actual length, and then adjusting the playback speed to match!!  Epic.


Groove Workout

This is a nice investigation of playback speed and the groove~ object.

MaxMSP-Sampler-Playback-Speed-v1.0MaxMSP Sampler Playback Speed v1.0 Max MSP Loop Pitch Tempo Vr.1.1 Basic MaxMSP Synthesis Tutorial v.1.5